For information on any of the classes listed below contact us on 01633 212782, email us on or contact the tutors directly.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

If your first language is not English and you would like to learn or improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, then an ESOL course could be for you.

The ESOL course focuses on developing your language skills to enable you to access local services, participate in daily life in Britain and prepare you for employment or further education.

Adult Learning Wales provides accredited ESOL classes in The Share Centre you can contact Louise Gilmore on 03300 580845 (daytime and evening classes available)

Art School Wales

Painting and Drawing, Oil Painting and Life Drawing (daytime and evening classes available)

Contact  Shirley on 07940 801912 or email


Mindful Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Deepen Your Practice Yoga and Chair Yoga (daytime and evening classes available)

Contact Frea on 07712274064 or email


Pilates is a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. (daytime and evening classes available)

Contact Svetla (Sun Pilates) 07584 044674 or email

Taiji Qi Gong

This form of qigong, also known as shibashi, is a series of 18 flowing stretching exercises that unify the mind, body and breath for a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Contact Carmela on 07870 886167 or email

French Classes

Whether you learn to speak French for business, recreation, just because you have a love of learning, you will find that you will benefit in many ways. (evening class)

Contact Muriel via email

Clwb Ieuenctid yr Urdd

Bob Dydd Mawrth o 6 tan 7.30 y.h y Share Centre yng Nghasnewydd! Every Tuesday from 6pm until 7.30pm at The Share Centre in Newport!

Amrywiaeth o weighgareddu yn cynnwys Sleim, celf a chreff, chwaraeon a llawer mwy! A variety of activities including slime, Arts and crafts and much more!

Am fwy o wybodaeth cysylltwch Cian Owen. For more information Contact: Cian Owen on 07976003317 or email

Newport Mandarin School

Learn simplified Chinese, Pinyin and Mandarin. Suitable for students from Chinese and non-Chinese speaking families. (Saturday daytime)

If you want more information about this class.

Contact Ms Lina Pang on 07761 802742 or email

Arabic School

Arabic school for children at our fun and friendly class. If you want more information about this class.

Call Nichola on 01633 212782.

After School Club

Lots of activities to take part in, from Sports to Cooking! Only 50p for 2 hours (refreshments included) (Saturday daytime)

Parents will have to drop the children off & pick them up after

Contact: Nichola  on 01633 212782 Email: 

Crafty Women (Sewing Group)

Join us ‘Crafty Woman’ to learn sewing & crafting basic and we’ll help you start making that special someone gift.  This is currently closed but you can put your name down for the future

Contact Carol 07717577775 or Nichola 01633 212782

Crafty Women (Well-being Group)


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